Monday, July 2, 2007

want to drive termites off?

Are you worried if your home is infested with drywood termites. No more worries I tell you, cause theres this new guide in driving termites off!. This all new website covers all of the basics from 1-2-3 on how you can tell if your home is infested with termites, to improvements to make to keep them from getting in, to specific explanation of how each termite control product works and what the advantages and disadvantages of each one are.

One of the most damaging organisms to the integrity and value of our homes is the termite. Just discovering that we have termites eating our house is enough to cause great anxiety in us, because it generally is a huge mystery to us as to just how these critters got there, and even a bigger problem in how we are going to get rid of them.

In this guide I hope you gain some insights into a different kind of termite called the drywood termites, so called because it does not have the need for moisture in the wood that the other kinds of termites do.

Drywood termites are not nearly as common in the United States as are the dreaded subterranean termites. There are several different species of drywood termites, and they occur primarily in the warmer areas of the country, throughout much of California and Arizona, down into Mexico, as well as Hawaii, the Gulf states, and along the east coast. Florida, in particular, has several different species present. These termites can live in extremely dry wood, and have no need to maintain contact with the soil, increasing the difficulty of controlling them.

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