Sunday, July 15, 2007

feeling bored?

I need to Discover a Hobby since I'll be quitting drinking and smoking anytime soon. I need something productive and that really make me busy and interested all the time, and that will really occupy alot of my time and take my mind off to my bad habits.

My friend emailed me a link about discovering new hobbies. The site was created by Duncan Davis over a year ago so that curious people could find out how to start new hobbies. Many times getting started is the hardest part and this site is a free guide to getting started. He personally pick the best articles, forums, and other resources so that people can not only start but learn more advanced topics for any hobby. The site over a hundred hobbies from many different categories including; arts, sports, collecting, music, extreme sports, games... And the list goes on!

Remember this is free online guide and no obligation to starting out and learning about over a hundred hobbies.

I myself had check the site already, and had found hobbies that really interests me! I guess I'll be quit smoking right now lol!

To those people who are feeling bored, I hope you visit the site and hopefully it can help you find something you love.

This is a sponsored post.