Monday, July 9, 2007

never ending meme...

I was tagged again by Chuva buti na lang madami akong oras!

Three Things That Scare Me

1. People
2. Getting fat
3. Staying at home by myself

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

1. Chuva
2. Baby Girl
3. Manat

Three Things I Love

1. Manat and my Friends
2. PPP and Blogging
3. Smoking and Drinking this is already given noh! LOL.

Three Things I Hate

1. Cheaters and Liars
2. ewww Rats and Cockroaches
3. Summer!

Three Things I Don’t Understand

1. English
2. Tagalog
3. Thai

Three Things On My Desk

1. Calculator
2. PC
3. PAPER alot of them!

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now

1. Looking at the sky while eating my sky flakes!
2. Answering this stupid meme lol.
3. Humming

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Clean the President's house.
2. Work as a maid for some celebrities and maybe politicians too! Teheheheeehh
3. Go somewhere in Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe and be with the poorest of the poorest.

Three Things I Can Do

1. Put my fist inside my mouth! Oha laban kayo?
2. Walk on fire, barefoot!
3. Eat shattered light bulb!

Three Things I Can’t Do

1. Eat like a PIG.
2. Fly?
3. Quit!

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To

1. Myself
2. Myself
3. Myself

Three Things You Should Never Listen To

1. My stupid detractors! Mga buset sa buhay ko. Palibhasa mga alang buhay!
2. Mga buset na mga ka-orocan ko sa paligid ko.
3. Chizmaks he he he

Three Things I Would Like To Learn

1. Mag mura! Punyeta naman o!
2. English, Tagalog and Thai
3. To be good in Matt and spelling! I am so bad in spelling I couldn't even spell Matt!

Three Favorite Foods

1. Uncooked Manat yumyum (Haven't tried the fried and steamed yet.)
2. Fruits
3. Fats, alot of FATS! (Yong nag sesebo-sebo pa!)

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

1. Shaider
2. The Buzz
3. Damayan and Kapwa ko mahal ko

Three Sets Of Three People I Am Tagging

1. Jengkie
2. JJ