Wednesday, July 18, 2007

great weekend!

I just had the most fabulous weekend! Last Friday I went out for drinks and drinks and drinks and drinks and guess who I saw? The infamous Kori! Well she came up to me first while I was talking to Manat and my cousin (Nakikiusyosu baga ang Kori at bakit hindi ko na sya i-ni-istalk, at siguro gustong kilatisin kung bakit ako mukang tuko at kuhol at that moment.)

Image taken by Manat

I saw her already with forms in her hand so I taught she is looking for some people to fill up those forms for her since she is working for some NGO that has something to do with Asians. I just pretend not seeing her. Cause I don't want to be the first one say HI to her, after what happend last time? (Ako pa eh mapagpangap ako no!) After five minutes she came back, again I saw her eye-balling me... [Huwaaat??? Porket ba may kasama ako at hindi kita pinapansin, eh papansinin mo na ako?] Yeah she came up to us and greeted me, asked me hows things with me and if I had move already from suburb to the city?... Every things fine with me! I haven't move to the city, but have move to a very nice neighborhood thou ang sagot ko... Yeah I will be leaving next month for India. Ohh really? That's good! Well goodluck and wish you well always! [At nagpaalam na ang bruha.] I still want her! Grrrrrrr. Pero may asawa na ako at mahal namanako ng asawa ko. Napagalamanan ng aking mga Lesbian Elves na ang Kori pala eh mamamayagpag sa India for a two year fellowship para sa kanyang Master's Degree and while there she will be working again for some NGO. [Enough of KORI! Ako naman, this is my blog. So ako ang bida pa din dito!]

I am actually very tired, imagine Friday we stayed up until 5AM (We got home around 3ish and don't ask me what happened at the extra two hours! Mga chismosa!) And yeah we still have plans the next day to go to Hershey Park-*I will be posting the photos later*, which is 2 hours away from where I lived. [Hayy kapagod.] We managed to get up pretty early, we just had like 3 or 4 hours of sleep. [Kaya naman ngayon pareho kaming may sakit ng asawa ko.]

I got discounted tickets at Hershey, they sell regular tickets for like $46.00 with out food! You want to know how much I got mine? ... $15.00 with food all you can eat! You just have to have the right connections! [Sa kagulangan ako ay number 1!]

It was very good that last Saturday it was not that hot and humid, it was just fine weather was like in it's 80's.

But going to theme parks like that, you better have alot of time! Just for the lines -- we have to wait the maximum of 45 minutes! CRAZY!!! We just had like a total of about 5 rides maybe... A virtual reality (Leche taga! Ibalik nyong $5 namin!!!) We get to do rock climbing, ang Manat sanay na sanay... Kala mo Igorot sa mines view kung makapanik! [Kakahiya nga eh, sa bigat ko 1/4 lang natapos ko hingal na hingal ako jusko day! And to think easy pa ang kinuha ko!]

With all this... We finished around 10:30PM and decided to go home, traffic on the way out of the park is horrible you would not imagine that! We got stuck in traffic for almost an hour, And by the time we got home again it's 3AM it's worth it just tiring! Again we need to get up very early the next day ay ako lan pala cause my ass has to do some serous BBQ-ing [Diba malapit na nga akong mag tayo ng beer garden dito! Araw araw na lang inihaw ang nilalapang namin.] And for dinner she has to cook some Thai food for us. -- Again will be posting the photos later.


pazing said...

I still want her! Grrrrrrr.

uyyyy.... sabi na eh... ganyan talaga pag nakatali ka na! ahihihi.

diwatangbyaning said...

sabi ko naman diba? mga demonyita sila! isa syang malaking TEASE! I think im my POW