Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going to NY?

I love New York! Anyhow who doesn't love New York? With all that lights and busy crowded streets filled with busy New Yorkers and it's billion tourist a year. Just this year I had been in New York for like six times already! You cannot imagine all the walkings me and my girlfriend had to do?, well you don't want to know... We were really sore the next day, with all that walking 10 hours to be exact - under the summer heat. Anyone can you beat that?

There is a bus tour called the New York City Sightseeing Tours . I am so excited for next week, no more long walks on a hot sunny day. I quickly went online right into New York City Sightseeing Tours website and found out that it is really the greatest way to see the city, especially on a nice sunny day. One thing I have notice on this tour it's one feature is that you can hop-on-and-off at stops along the route if there's a particular area you want to explore further! Great, great, great! It is really great since this bus is a double decker! - It's really a shame cause if ever this will be my first time riding a double decker bus lol.

This bus company is very well known and seen throughout NYC. Other than double decker bus tours the company offers attraction tickets, daily trips to Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia as well as shopping trips to Woodbury Common Outlet. Online customers receive $5 off PER TICKET. Those five dollars add up quickly especially for a family of 4 purchasing a few tours and attractions.

What are you waiting for? Come and jun us for fun with CitySights NY double decker bus next week!

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