Friday, May 18, 2007

i love... PPP!

I been blogging for a bit 4 months now. Whoa am surprised it felt like i've been blogging for all my life whew. Well ever since i got introduced into blogging I had never slept a normal 8 hours sleep. Call me crazy but my average sleep now is just 4 hours a day! Am not complaining or anything... I actually like and enjoy what am doing. For me this is my therapy. I get to say the things I want and hate on my blog and no one really cares, I just feel so free... Saying the things inside me out loud and knowing that I wont be judged here.

I guess am kinda hooked on it. NO am really hooked! And I may need an interventionist now! LOL. - But Am happy thou...

It all started as ME being a lurker at Reyna Elenas blog. Well at first I was kind of shy to put my opinions there, but as time goes by... I did then. It was fun for me. I got to talk and even meet to alot of people from different walks of life there. So it was all Reynas fault!!! - NO regrets! I've learn alot and still learning from our time to time blogging conference. Which happens almost every Saturday? He he he...

As I am always curious and want to discover more... One day I was browsing the net and saw an article from another blogger and that has a tag of get paid to blog ... Little did I know that I can have fun and at the same time earn money from it. FUN FUN FUN FUN!

I signed up immediately to get things started! I have been a member of PPP [PayPerPost] for almost a week now. And so far I have made $50.01 for 7 yeah SEVEN entries! Not bad huh? Pretty good deal thou! The opportunies just keep popping up... Their like mushrooms! He he he... So far... So GOOD!

I also meet a few people here in there in PPP. Get to talk to them about PPP and how good it is.

I love PayPerPost! Get paid to blog. Loved it!

This is a sponsored post.