Thursday, May 31, 2007

diwata on boating again!

Yeah yeah yeah boating is my new hobby! It was fun! I really had fun boating last week I just hoped I can do it every weekend, uhg but with the gas prices I don't think I can manage to do it every now and then.

I feel so relaxed and renewed whenever I go sailing.

Last week I posted some photos of a boat. I really wanted to buy that kind of boat, the sundancer... But I can't, my trust fund and welfare check aren't enough... Tsk tsk too bad huh? He he he...

Maybe in time thou...

Having a hobby like that is pretty expensive! You have to worry about the maintainace... The gas, people coming over to clean it every other week and ugh much more.

One thing I noticed about that boat is, it has a beautiful boat cover.
I asked them where they got it... It was just gorgeous! Imagine you can now protect your boat, well if am also the owner of that boat sure am gonna protect it too!

All boats require maintenance, and keeping them looking good is a constant challenge. Protecting your boat from damage by fitting a good cover can save you a lot of time and also money.

Every boat is different they all have this unique shapes. In order to keep out the dirt, water, rodents and harmful uv rays, you need to find a cover that fits the shape of your boat as exactly as possible. The good news is that it should not be difficult to find a custom fit cover for any Bayliner. Although a custom fit can cost more, getting the right shape is so important that this little bit extra will be money well spent right?

For many people their boats are the most precious possession that they own. Spending time on the water sailing is just joy and just relaxing. But you want to keep your boat always looking at it's best right? That's why boat covers are always important to have at hand! Of course you want to keep all that dirt going into your precious boat!

This is a sponsored post.