Friday, May 11, 2007

looking for someone?

I have tried everything when it comes to dating. Name it! I've done the personals thing and the chemistry thing ohh not to mention craigslist! Am tired of it! Most of the people i meet there are just full BS. It's just not working for me. Most of the sites that I just mentioned are just full of crap and it's like a meat market and or just soul mate sites. I am not really up for that. I want something that is real. I am looking for something that is meaningful.

I came across this site. dating service
and I just loved it. I mean, Maybe this is it! Right?

Oh did I also mention that their database seems to hold a plethora of witty brainiacs, nerds and the like? Just my cup of tea! Their members seems fun, eclectic and most of all genuine. Beat that!

dating service Is just perfect for my needs!

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