Sunday, May 6, 2007


I am a very picky person for real. I have this very high standard when it comes to dating women and having relationship. [Yeah, that's why am still effin' single. It's hard to be picky! Believe me... You don't want to be in my shoes.]

I want someone who is beautiful inside and out.

I swear am a sucker for pretty faces. I know oftentimes I can be very shallow.

I want someone who knows how to carry themselves. Who is comfortable on their own skin. Who doesn't get intimidated easily and can handle pressure.

I want somebody who can keep up with me. [Intellectual wise of course...]

I guess it's hard find someone like this nowadays...

One thing I noticed about me... Is that I easily get turned off... I don't know why... Call me Shallow Diwa!

I always kind of scare my potential girlfriend away. Cause, I know what I want.

I want... Challenge... I want something and someone that I know I can't have... Complicated eh?

...Last night my ass was so drunk yeah as always, I really get silly sally whenever am drunk. [I like being silly thou it's fun.]

Oh my God! I haven't been in the City and saw alot of lesbians aside from last night! I mean lesbians they usually go home early. Lesbian bars sucks! They usually have their happy hour like from 2Pm - 5PM-- Duh! And last night is just awesome! I mean their everywhere! The femmes, butches and the dykes not to mention those desperate bull dykes... And to think that is way too late for them to be outside! He he he...

So me and my friends are off to Chinatown to eat. We were walking down 13th and Locust at the corner of Bump, and suddenly this girl asked if I got a light and if I was a lesbian?...

Sure! Yeah last time I checked I am attracted to girls so that still makes me lesbian right? LOL.

She is drunk as well... She wanted me to go with her... At her place... [It sucks! I don't have spare dental dams with me grrrrr!!!]

I remember when Me and my loser ex Mary just started dating. I run out of those dams. Wanna know what I used?
Seriously... Got a saran wrap from our pantry ha ha ha... Don't laugh at me you pricks! That was a looooong time ago. So basically I have alot of dental dam just sitting here at home. There is no real reason for me to bring one whenever I go out.

I can't am with friends and I don't do that thing. I have a rePUTAtion that I care about. I may be wild but am never easy. [And am not really into Her. Well she's alright and besides I got my eyes on one lesbian only! Well if that was Kori... I would have got any second thoughts at all, I would just come even I wasn't invited at all lol. ]

Instead I ask her to come with us in Chinatown to eat...

So we were walking... Holding hands while swaying... As if we knew each other... She suddenly bails out. She doesn't want to go anymore. But really wanted to take me home with her. Am not in a mood for pussy last night.

I found myself making out with her two blocks away from Bump. It was nice. I liked her lips it's so soft.

Her: What's your number... Your so sexy!

Me: [I often get this... Your so sexy compliments... what's up with that? Well the thing is I don't fucking breathe at all whenever am out. Just about time to get such compliments like that! It's finally paying off HA HA HA!]

[I knew it! Girls... Girls... Girls they just want one thing from me! MY BODY! GRRRRR. They all f*****g the same. They all wanted to get into my pants!]

Stop! You're gonna ruin it. [Am just not comfortable giving my number out heehheehh... I like missed connections eh...]

Everybody was so furious when I told them that we did not exchange numbers. They where like ... What it she was the one blah-blah-blah-blah-blah... You did not even give that thing a chance. She was cute. Will you just stop thinking about Kori! And the blahhhhhhhhhsss just go on... And on... And on...

I feel weird about giving my number out. Specially we already made out. So if ever I will call her. Am gonna be like hey it's me Diwa remember me... We made out last nyt somewhere in Center City waaahhh...] So my last words for her are... If you want me find me. I even told her where to find me... No am not snob suddenly he he he...

This morning my phone rang... With an unknown number... Having a bad hang over and all that I answered it.

Girl: Hi, Are you still sleeping? Did I wake You up?

Me: Who's this...??? [I really thought it was the girl from last night. Even if I was so drunk I know the girl from last night was white and just forgot her name. And suddenly got this call from a girl that has an accent.]

Girl: It's me Rutaimainus. [Pronounced as Rutaimanat.] I heart exotic girls.

I almost ask Rutaimainus... Did we just make out last night? Ha ha ha... But then again I realized it was some girl from some dating site that I been talking to. [Me and my f*****g BIG mouth! I almost got busted right there eh...]

I had fun talking with R. Even if we have some barriers. It is very spontaneous... Imagine for three long hours whoaaaa.

I hate it when am drunk. I really have bad memories and bad hang-overs!

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