Monday, March 10, 2008

The Gucci Gang and DJ Montano Scandal. Celine Lopez??

This is becoming bigger than all of tea in China, and could overload all of the pasta in Italy!! The scandal has gotten full steam and Brian Gorrell is blogging about DJ Montano and his activities like mad. I can’t blame him. Brian claims that DJ Montano has taken advantage of him (Brian Gorrell is Australian and moved to Boracay to be with DJ Montano) at the whopping amount of $70K!!! Whoah!!

Apparently, DJ Montano was unfaithful to Brian the whole time they were in a relationship. He was supposedly also seeing a guy named Jaff Fong - a hairstylist from Singapore - throughout his relationship with Brian. OMG! The scandal hasn’t stopped yet. It involves Celine Lopez as well, including drug use and other explosive inside scoop such as security threats.

The word has gotten out and bloggers are now being posted on forums to make sure the story goes out.

Brian is also posting pics of the whole Gucci Gang and will be revealing activities of the said group on his blog as well. This is getting so juicy, I can’t stand it!!

If you want to read more and see more pics — go visit his blog. Even Bryanboy posted a pic on his blog with DJ Montano and that this story as Bryanboy said, getting more scandalous than the Edison Chen scandal. Brian’s blog has received more than 45K unique visits since the scandal broke out. And it’s not over yet guys.


Joy said...

Really? Everyone's talking about it? Oh well, as always I'm the last to know about Pinoy chismis :D

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chuva said...

doc joy - - if you want to be up-to-date with our cheezmax - - just visit lang sa blog ni chuva.. :D

hi doc joy!!

Anonymous said...

It's between DJ Montano and Brian Gorrell. Leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Its between them.
Lets leave the chmis and gossips behind.
Let them solve whatever prob they have.
Lets not mind the suid blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree! It is between DJ and Brian. Enough with the tsismis and uber crab mentality. We have better things to do with our lives.