Friday, March 21, 2008

Field Trip? Part I

What a trip! Today we did visit at least 7 churches (Bisita Iglesia), I know it was supposed to be 12 right? Well, maybe they are too americanized that is why?%#@!)*, Hmm 12 is just too much, well the churches here are not sitting next to each other they are freaking 10,000 miles from one another, it's not like in the Philippines everything is nearby even the wall of your freaking neighbor is just right next to your face lol.

Well it's a bit late when we started it... Everybody's just had it's own drama ("They" Butsi Gang not related to Manila's Gucci Gang - were drunk from last night and they didn't even bother to invite me how double dare them!!! I just knew it, early today - When, I could still smell the alcohol in them... UHG) I really thought we are meeting around 9-10ish here at our house. So we are late we left around 12ish already.

You could not believe it, it's like we are going to a "picnic" they have this-that-blah-blah-blah, they could have just brought a cooler full of ice cold beers or rather their houses... So much for the chika.He was telling me that the last time he remembered he was in church was 20 long years ago...
This is not a photo of the next America's Top Model! This is the Butsi Gang aka Notorious MSG,
I was with the Butsi Gang (Incomplete, not everybody make it) to document the said Bisita Iglesia. Above is the first stop St. Andrew the apostle church.

Ang tarbahu ko eh kunan sila sa bawat simbahang pupuntahan anobeh!
This is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - Obviously?
Mt. Carmel was closed and will re-open by 3PM for the seven last words, so what they did was just do the station of the cross outside... Mga vanidosaaaaa!!!

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