Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Cruiser!

Yes summer is here again, I can almost feel it! I am so excited to go to the beach and get that tan that I wanted plus cruising the boardwalk with my bike is going to be real fun...

I have bought a new bicycle, the beach cruiser bicycle. I loved how it looked. It's very stylish, elegant and easy to ride. I have used the same bicycle over the years for riding around town, riding to class, running errands, etc.

Above photo is my new Marley Abyssinia bicycle, it is designed in classic beach cruiser design in 1960s style. It features wide handle bar grips, single speed, coaster brake, wide saddle with double spring for comfort and finally also choice of either black or brown saddle/handle bar grips combination. It is available in either vanilla, pink or purple color which greatly compliment the saddle colors and overall attractive impression.

Envious? Well, you can get such bicycles too at There are plenty to choose from! They have men's/women's cruisers, low riders, choppers, kid's cruisers and they too sell parts and accessories for cruisers.

With these bicycles you can ride with pride! What are you waiting for? Go get one for yourself today!