Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thirteen "I"

I AM thankful that I have the friends like Pretty - thanks for this tag!
I WANT everything! As in everything I put my hands on...
I HAVE a secret!
I WISH I had known from the very start...
I HATE being stabbed in the ass...
I FEAR nothing!
I REGRET... Being so stubborn!
I LOVE myself...
No Matter Where I go... I ALWAYS check if Kori's there.
I DANCE for $20.... $20 for fy mini dance
I SING - no I don't sing, I am not Freddie Aguilar!
Sometimes I CRY when am drunk!
I NEED to control myself for not eating anything lately

1 comment:

PrettyLifeOnline said...

wow! good work...LOL! grabe nagawa mo agad?! diwata you talaga may superpower... LOL!