Monday, August 27, 2007

Now Hiring Canada...

Now Hiring Canada is best source for online Job Search in Canada! owned and operated by a Canadian, located in Calgary Alberta.

Now Hiring Canada's goal is just simple... To create a network of signs throughout Canada, making them one of the best and most affordable job-posting web sites. You can Search Jobs by Company and or by it's Location. You can even search jobs - by it's location, category and the type of job you wanted. Check out future employers and even post your resume and let those employers find you! - Private of Public - Showcase Skills - FREE and it's EASY! Start searching that job you really wanted at

The concept is crystal clear. They place a unique one of their customs made 'Now Hiring Canada Go To' signs in the business owner's windows, which directs the candidates to their website where they publish the employer's information. And the candidate is able to learn all they require about the available position.

Almost everything you need to know about jobs in Canada is here... Whether you live abroad and want to migrate in Canada, visa information or what they call immigration test is there too on the said site!

If you live or want to live in these cities... Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, B.C., Vancouver, Manitoba, Ontario and or Quebec and looking for jobs, they have it covered!

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