Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tile Review

I was a bit surprised, I didn't know that at they also do garage floor tile! I mean, I thought all they do is just stuff that has something to do with garage like metal pegboard, storages, garage heater and stuff like that. Little did I know that they also do floorings.'s goal is to make your garage another room in your house. They carry garage floor tile in every color.

The most popular of their floorings is the Diamond Garage Flooring. It is very easy to install and remove, diamond garage flooring is the perfect choice to enhance the look of all garage floors. Diamond garage flooring weighs in heavier per sq. ft. then any other tile of its kind. Diamond garage flooring has 20 locks per tile compared to 12-16 with other garage floor tiles.

I agree that this garage floor tile is great for making the garage feel warmer and it can hide cracked and or stained floors.

If it interest you go visit and get instant quotes and estimates.

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