Monday, August 6, 2007

Golden Place Casino

Golden Palace Casino is an online casino that has been on of the best and leading online casinos for years! They have a new and improved software, Golden Palace is powered by Playtech online casino software just so you know. Download their exciting online casino software to start playing the virtual tables and slots games right now!

Golden Palace Casino uses three currencies - US Dollar, Euro and Pound and has three languages - it is English, French and Spanish. This is very good idea so non-English players can play too and people who uses different currency aside from US Dollars. - It is an all-international casino, offering players the option of using US dollars, euros, pounds, sterling, and more. In addition, we run in three separate languages: English, Spanish, and French.

Did you know that at Golden Palace Casino it's new players can receive up to $300.00 in free casino bonus money? Plus unlimited FREE! Yes, FREE money so check it at I wish you all the best in luck with over 60 classic casino games!

They even have one slot machine with a million dollar payout. With slots, live games and live dealers, the BLACKJACK experience at GoldenPalace is second to none.

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