Monday, August 6, 2007

Chris Bloczynski (Review)

I envy people like Chris Bloczynski the owner of Chris Bloczynski dot Com!

Many of you would be wondering who is Chris? Chris Bloczynski is just a regular person like me., he works as a manager in a small hotel by day and an entrepreneur and a webmaster by the rest of the day... Yeah just like me, but I am no webmaster...

So why I envy Chris? Because Chris is on his way! He is an almost a developed entrepreneur who enjoys working from home and building Business on the Net after his 9-5 job. He is planning that one day he is going to work on his own terms, managing and owning a small portfolio of websites and various other projects.

"When I’ve built my business strongly enough, I’ll leave the hotel industry behind me and work from home or on the road as I travel. This blog will feature articles that describe the steps I’m taking towards self-employment, as well as related articles of interest from the mentors that I’ve chosen, and related offers targeted towards interested consumers." -Chris Bloczynski

So guys you know already why I envy this dude? For me this guy is very determined to do whatever his mind tells him to do. I have plans to of living from the net like Chris too, but I just can't not this soon lol.

Visit Chris Bloczynski dot Com to read more.

Chris is currently running a contest on his Blog and he is offering some nice prizes,

* First prize - $50 cash, paypalled to your account.
* Second prize - A copy of “The Four Hour Workweek” by author Tim Ferriss
* Third Prize - A $15 iTunes gift card

The layout of Chris Bloczynski site is very neat indeed and very professional! Not just that it is user friendly too.

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