Monday, August 27, 2007

A Still A Moment by John Hinson

Have you heard John Hinson - "A Still Moment"? If you are looking for calming and very relaxing music to play during that special time with your baby, or maybe just to relax and unwind after a long day, I highly recommend to you buying one of John Hinson's CDs.

A little about John Hinson, he is a dad of 3 incredible kids, Amelie (11), Isaac (9) and Eli (8). Yes he has two boys! A classical pianist, A husband of twelve years.

This is the music that he has written for his kids over the years to get them to chill out. You can hear the love for his family through his music, which was one of my favourite parts of his compositions. The fact that I can hear the family devotion and the creativity through it was beautiful. You can check it out have a listen, buy it off of iTunes, or feel free to just look around.

As for me? I love his piano music. I just want to fall off my bed whenever I hear his music, it's like my bed has a magnet on it and just like inviting me to lie down, relax and just sleep it off. He is really a gifted pianist! Really beautiful piano music.

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