Friday, August 31, 2007

Re-Rewind The Past

I am always on a diet since I was born thick, I was always thick ever since. I love drinking soda and as we all know sodas has alot of sugar in it! I was happy when Coke zero was introduced to the market, now I can drink soda without worries. It taste good and much better than diet sodas.

I was on the net the other day and came across coke zero's website. They have this new campaign name “Life as it should be”. I can say it's really fun!. It is an interactive site and lets you do some pretty cool things online. Coke has found some old black and white film clips that you, as the director, can manipulate by using an easy voice recorder. You can even write “the conversation” to your own clip and say what ever you want. Remember you are the director of your own small movie. You can even share this clip/movies to all of your friends.