Monday, August 13, 2007

Branding Agency

Whether verbal or visual, they positively influence all consumer touch points with our strategic and creative thinking. They brand from the inside out, examining every one of these touch points to ensure you truly deliver on your brand promise.

BIG or Brand Identity Guru Inc. is a one-stop branding and marketing company that is capable of delivering integrated solutions that defines, develop and improve the perception and brand awareness of it's client's / costumers.

BIG is one of the company's what we call today a Branding Agency.

I have visited it's site. It is a pretty cool site. They offer a Free website analysis. They have their bios, newsletters and blogs to update people, employment section, ask marketing questions, portfolio, marketing strategies, branding strategies and about its products and services offered.

With Brand Identity Guru Inc. the vitals is that you brands identity, image and equity.

Take the test now, it didn't take that much of my time. There is just two questions on the test and all you need to answer is Yes or No. Call them and try it. Let them save you and your brand from the executioners!

Visit Brand Identity Guru Inc. and find out how strong your brand is and see your score on the strength scale. Visit them now and take the test today and start pumping your brand today!!!

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