Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Villa Nicoletta

Looking for some nice villas in Caret bay, St Thomas in US Virgin Islands? St Thomas Villa Rental
is here! Villa Nicoletta is a luxury waterfront villa.

Well there are too many places like this in the world... But nothing like Villa Nicoletta, this is one unique villa. It’s luxurious. It’s ultra-private. So if you like to pamper yourself and you enjoy privacy then Villa Nicoletta it is.

Villa Nicoletta a place where stress isn’t allowed and peace, serenity and genuine relaxation are the only demands of the day! If you stay there, you would thoroughly enjoy yourself. And when your time there was over, you’d want to stay longer. - You'll be asking for more! And when life finally did tear you away, coming back next year...well, it’d be a foregone conclusion.

Villa Nicoletta site features it's rates and packages, activities that you can do, about the Villa, they have weddings and honeymoons too, top 10 reasons to stay there and they do corporate meetings too! You can check it out at caretbay.com and see the things that they offer pictures of their bedrooms, dinning rooms, kitchen, tiki bar, outdoor deck, pool and spa. Oh by the way they have internet specials too! 15% off any booking in the month of August call or email them now to reserve that August booking!

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