Monday, August 20, 2007

Auto Insurance Leads for all your insurance needs, specially Auto Insurance Leads

Leads are generated by internet marketing partners holding top positions on all major search engines. Their unsold inventory is being transferred to for liquidation at a fraction of the price they are charging their premium accounts.

It works just like your usual e-shops or s-stores. Index page showing available leads within the chosen area and leads category sorted by freshness in ascending order. It has short description that is containing key information in a desired lead type category. If you become interested in more information on a particular lead, you can preview a full lead reports which contains all the rating relavant information by clicking on your desired link. If you have decided to purchase the lead, you can add it to your shopping cart. The leads can be sold on exclusive, if available, or semi-exclusive basis, with a maximum of two competitors.

Insurance agents nationwide can purchase auto insurance leads from their local area. Agents can preview auto insurance leads before buying.

You can buy only insurance leads you want and when you want. See and check prospects before you buy. Pay only for what you select, with no pre-payments, no up-front costs, no contracts, no cancellation terms, no blanket billing authorizations, no blind monthly fee and most of all, these leads are priced to sell! What you waiting for? Visit NOW!

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