Friday, August 10, 2007

Brand Test

There's a new and unique ways now to measure the strength of our brands today. Take the test of Branding Test today and see what's your rank on the brands strength meter.

The Branding Test is composed of 12 questionnaires. The answers of the questions is from numbers 1-10, as number 1 is for the weakest and number 10 is for the strongest.

The Brand Strength Test - It is about product and services that you offer. It is about rating your clients with your company's products/services, and the likeliness that those clients are going to comeback or use your products/services again and lastly how closely you feel your company's product/services supports your current messaging.

Target Markets - Rating your clients/customers on how you wanted to be perceived, also it is an overall brand awareness and recognition among customers.

Messaging - How accurately do you feel company positions themselves and feeling the marketing collateral clearly supports your brand is positioned and identified. So it is basically knowing how are your communications support for your strategies.

Communications - It's about you marketing strategies and materials. It's good to know somehow about your progress on company's marketing and it's products/services offered. Communicating is very good! It relates to your target markets.

That's all about it! It's not even gonna take up so much of your precious time! All you have to do is answer the questions and hit submit. So if you really want to know how strong is your brand...
Branding Test is the solution!

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