Friday, August 24, 2007

Huh? What Thoof?

I dunno what's up with having a catchy name specially in most businesses. I say it is very complicated, well there is the process of picking a logo and then marketing your business. That is why I’m making fun of the personalized news new website where bloggers can find content. Yes, you can actually grab your content from this website because they provide you the source and the articles so we won’t see you with Lindsay Lohan behind bars because of copyright infringement. It’s called Thoof!

I wonder where the name Thoof came from? Are you wondering and curios as me too? What was that name from? Is it some foreign language? Does the founder like Thoof-y the dog at Walt Disney cartoon that is best friends with Mickey Mouse? Or is that person feeling Thoof-y at that time? Or he/she just finish eating at some Chinese Buffet Restaurant and some food got stuck at his/her teeth and have to remove it and has to use Thoof-pick? Now I am having my Thoof aching because of the candies I ate earlier! Ha ha ha...

I like this Thoof thing! It’s very catchy, unique and cool to hear in the ears! It's very easy to remember too!

Whatever it is, it’s great to have a site to visit for contents. Blogging for money is not that easy after all but hey, if you have free content. Why not?