Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life Insurance

At leadsclearance.com agents can preview the Life Insurance Leads first before buying it.

Just choose the lead types you are interested in, look at the brief description of leads, sorted by state and county. You can but auto, home, life, health, burial, renters, long term care, disability, cancer, final expense, business property & casualty, small business benefits and annuity leads, and pay only for leads you want to buy and when you want to buy them. Leads are sold on exclusive (if available) or shared basis. Shared leads are sold maximum three times.

They also have financing leads! New mortgage, mortgage refinance and auto loan.

Leads are generated by internet marketing partners holding top positions on all major search engines. Their unsold inventory is being transferred to LeadsClearance.com for liquidation at a fraction of the price they are charging their premium accounts.

Once the lead is purchased, you can view the lead reports with a full contact information and choose to receive purchased lead/s by email, store it in your online file with LeadsClearance.com and work the lead from there, or download into a database on your PC. The system will remember all the leads you have purchased and you can view them at any time. Should the lead turn out to have a bogus contact information, they will credit the cost to your account.

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