Saturday, August 4, 2007

Laundry Service

Laundry Locker is a new approach on dry cleaning / laundry services in the heart of San Francisco!

They provide the most convenient laundry services possible! Services available in apartment buildings, condos, offices, fitness facilities and other locations throughout the city, Laundry Locker works to make doing your dry cleaning / laundry relax and easy.

About The Service of Laundry Locker:

  1. Dry Cleaning
  2. Wash and Fold
  3. Wholesale Business Accounts and
  4. Home Delivery Service

Laundry Locker provides excellent dry cleaning and laundering for your clothes. Just simply throw your items in the locker and they come back clean, pressed and nicely packaged, hanging in the locker waiting for you.

They care for you and for your garments! They carefully inspect each item and follow the manufacturers recommended care instructions.

If there is a stain on your garments that you would like them to try to get out, stain stickers are conveniently located inside the lockers for you to clearly identify any stains. If you would like an item handled a special way, you simply place some notes in your profile and they will take care of it.

Laundry Locker is quick and hassle FREE! If there are damaged buttons and minor repairs they will be fixed FREE of charge and if there is any problem with your order, they will take care of it!

Laundry Locker is just right next to your steps imagine no more rushing to the cleaners just to make it before it closes.

Press Release:

Contact: Stephen Homs
Tel: (415) 255-7500


Mention the word laundry to any San Francisco resident and the frustration is palpable. Most San Franciscans are stuck competing to use the few laundry machines in their building or carrying bundles of laundry up and down hills to the laundromat. And dry-cleaning is even worse. 3-day turn around, inconvenient hours, difficult parking, most people procrastinate as long as possible, not wanting to have to deal with the headache.

Laundry Locker is changing all of this by bringing next-day wash & fold and dry cleaning services where the customers need it most – in their building. No longer do tenants have to haul their laundry down the street or hurry home to pick up their laundry or dry-cleaning. In the words of one Laundry Locker customer “Thank you so much for the Laundry Locker service. It worked exactly as promised and I hope this works out for everyone--it is a really valuable service.” Laundry Locker also has public kiosks to meet the demand of customers with out access to lockers.

Laundry Locker’s discreet drop off locations are custom built lockers that can be placed into lobbies, laundry rooms, parking garages, storage areas, or almost anywhere. To use the service, customers simply place their laundry in any available locker and take the key. Laundry Locker personnel check all locations each morning, processes any laundry or dry cleaning and returns the clean garments to the same locker by 5 pm. Customers simply place the key back in the locker and take out their laundry. By having secure lockers in buildings, there is no need to coordinate schedules and customers can drop their laundry off and pick it up on their schedule.

Enabled by sophisticated technology, customers can track their laundry online and receive updates via email and text messaging when their laundry has been picked up and delivered. Payment is also online with any major credit card.

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