Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Life is more fun and enjoyable with ePERKS - Giant Perks!

Heard about ePERKS is an online service marketplace of top local service professionals giving out BIG incentive to consumers in in real estate, automotive, home improvement and more.

What can consumers like me benefit from this program? Well, by having the ability to learn about professionals up front, view their products and the deals that they are offering and earn huge bonus discounts and perks when they choose to transact. Most of the perks are 4% off any new car,TV's and other gadgets when you buy a new car, up to 50% cash back with agents. up to 50% discount bonus on home improvement services and more.

Did you know that ePERKS gives away a brand new car nearly every 2 months! Enter your name and have a chance to win this month's brand new 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The winner will be announced on their site at the end of the drawing.

No gimmicks and it is hassle FREE! You can increase your chances of winning by checking out their site at

You can find real estate agents, dealers, contractors just type in your City, State and or 5 Digit Zip and there you go. You are seconds away from earning big bonuses! By the way even answers to your questions its on their site too.

Come to think of it 20% cash back, Tons of FREE gas, 15% off any job. What a Perks!

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