Friday, February 29, 2008

Beauty Advice

Admit it, we love beauty products since we were little girls, we had fun experimenting with brands, colors and formulations. But just how much do we know about them? How they are made and how safe they are?, and if it's right for us... Our skin plays a very important role in our body, and I am going to tell you everything you wanted to know to keep that skin healthy and glowing.

Skin care is very important! Because your skin reflects just everything about you - may it be inside or out. If you are tired, sick or even stressed it'll show on your skin the tone, color and condition. And the opposite is true, luckily! Your skin is said to glow when you are happy and healthy. It is really important to care for your skin, cause as the saying says - the outside you - reflects the inside you.

I have found a source for that younger you, - truly an excellent source for that healthy and beautiful you! There is even a blog filled with tons of helpful tips. If you're like me and want to keep your skin looking and feeling awesome, visit the site. Read the blog ad even subscribe to it so you don't miss anything!
There is a radio show on, with FREE streaming! Every week is a new topic.

There are a few things I do to keep my skin healthy and hydrated, such as using the correct types of moisturizers, which I have found on that site.

Well, here's more even interesting, they have an upcoming topic for Thursday, April 3 at 12:00pm Bodylicious! it is...