Saturday, February 2, 2008

A very affordable call

I frequently buy prepaid calling cards for long distance services. I find these prepaid phone cards useful when I travel with my job, and I often give them to friends and family to phone me.

Calling Cards are now being offered on-line and are instantly delivered via e-mail. I feel that this is the best way for consumers to stock up on overseas/domestic calling cards. Once you find a reputable merchant, you'll always have long distance savings at your fingertips. is one of the largest retailers of phone cards. They carry a large number of phone cards from all major vendors. This large variety of phone cards allows it's customers to call from 153 countries around the world. They are the largest and leading online phone card retailer providing high quality and low rate international calling cards that offer great rates for domestic, long distance and international calling.

I tried one of their cards and the card is at least twice as cheap as other cards for the same destination. The rates for international and domestic are very affordable. And the connection is very great last time I called the Philippines.

And you know what? These calling cards are great for gifts too!