Friday, February 8, 2008

Heath Ledger in the Making!

I could not take it anymore - the pressure on my head! (I could hardly lift my own weight, am just so weak, I feel that I am going to collapsed ay este pass out pala bwehehe). I decided to see my primary Doctor and let him check whats wrong with me, and no I am not pregnant [that's why, am very furious right now]. The silicon on my nose is not the reason of what's happening to me (geez, thanks!) or else his a** is going to end up in some *^*&$%@#$#& and I am going to be rich, I swear! LOL.

Yeah, it is because of my allergies damn it! So, am still going to take that antihistamine/tylenol and some anti-biotic (that I just got earlier at cvs). OMG, it's soooo damn fricking expensive, for 3 pieces it cost me $18.00 well that's just the co-pay, I dunno how much really is the med. It better be effective or else I swear they'll end up like Merck *bwahahaha*...

So since I am taking these meds, technically I can't drink any alcoholic beverage? Says who? My Doctor? Well F&$$# him!

I am going out later, I need some fresh air... And no one and nothing can stop be from doing so... And if I die? Well at least I was drunkitty-drunk for the last time...

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