Friday, February 15, 2008

I declare my own holiday

Yesterday, I did not go to school, I have declared it my own holiday!

Well, at first like after 2 meetings with my prof. she had told us that she will not see us on Feb. 14 (such a very long notice eh? classes had started like mid of Jan). Oh well the last time I saw her was last Tuesday the Tuesday before this Tuesday which I got sick that following Thursday and since I don't talk that much to my classmates I don't know if she told them if our class is still on last night. I don't know any of my classmates email or phone number.

I was there last Tuesday, but classes were canceled since it's raining ice and water that night. I did not have the chance to ask my 3 other classmates who showed up at that time (maatas din ang ihi ko eh lol). My plan was to email Sheila (the prof), ayaw ko ng nagtatanong at nakikiutang na loob sa ibang tao sa totoo lang no. I emailed her yesterday but the B*&&%%# didn't reply my email up to now ugh grrrr... I just don't want to be there by myself (if she has really canceled the class) and look stupid, so I have decided to just cancel the class myself!

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