Sunday, February 10, 2008


I love reality shows! I heart reality shows! First it was The Osbournes then came Jackie Warner's Work Out - just a few of my faves.

I had quiet time last week and I had alot of chance to check what's new in my telly and saw this show which is The Bad Girls Club it is also a reality-based series from the Oxygen Network, The show follows seven women, which are all "bad girls," as they live together for four months as cameras record their interpersonal relationships and their attempts to accomplish specific goals.

Darlene always flashes her boobies whenever she's drunk, if I am to be in a reality show, I wanted to be part of the bad girls club hehehe... Well since I have alot of drama in me! I just love this show! All they do is just fight 24/7 lol, but for the most part i think she's a trash talker, well they all are...

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