Friday, February 1, 2008

It was really relaxing...

...Last night! Yeah blogging was off last night, (I am entitled to have an off from blogging once in a while - I just needed a little break from it. Of course come to think of it... I have entries as minimum as 7 per day uhg). I decided to indulge last night after my class... Just sipping that martini and drowning all my sorrows! Ekkkk, no maybe in my dreams!

Really what I did last night was clean my room and did my 4 week old laundry and fold em while relaxing, now isn't that so relaxing? Well, am back now to my regular programming, 7 post entries a day :::wheee:::

I got an email today from someone and was asking for my help, since these past few days I have been posting entries such as this and this and this and this. Well girl lemme tell you this, I am not Connie Angeles of Kapwa ko Mahal ko, Rosa Rosal of Damayan and or Reverend Pat Robertson of 700 Club. I myself is suffering from poverty too, and believe me I am living below the poverty line! I don't belong in any charity organization or whatsoever... I am just a blogger expressing myself and hmm somehow I can and will accept any charity. Why not ask help from Bantay Bata they might help you.

Best of Luck,

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