Friday, February 8, 2008

To call in or not to call in

Sick, this is what I have in my mind the moment I woke up this morning - I still have this damn headache, but I can't since I'll have a rampage later tonight in the "city of brotherly love" I just don't want someone/somebody to see me there having fun and yet I called in sick.

I really feel sick. Specially if am at work and doing great productivity and staying home these are the 2 awfully things that make me more sick. I don't know why? But, when am outside drinking and having fun even am sick is fine, it's like I don't and forget that am sick or anything like that (FYI: my new motto is... Di bale nang tamad, hindi naman pagod! o diba?).

It's just weird no? And there's more... You know when your sick right, food seems to be tasteless and you don't have any appetite at all, but with me it's totally different! I have the worst eating habit, I was piggin' out really... I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like am the opposite of it. I thought I am going to lose weight on this, but I guess am totally wrong... (I pray that I just catch, Malaria or Dysentery). I need to slim down for summer, and only Malaria and or Dysentery can do that.


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Vk-mahalkaayo said...


nakatuwa kayo....

ipa OP mo yon Jaws-mouth mo, kagaya ko, 100% low down ang kilos mo, either you like it or

oo nga, lahat dito, 99% na mga ladies n gentlemen.....puno lahat ang gym at parks n forest, ang daming mga seksing-taba na najogging or exercise.....

ewan kung may resulta ba....

kasi ako noon, jogging pa, hirap mag-os-os ng kahit 1 kl na lang...masarap naman kumain, walang pakialam kung anong resulta, basta busog

sigi, thanks n bye