Monday, February 11, 2008

I am out of it... (I took off the helmet, ALREADY!)

I don't need no stress in my life. I have alot of things going on with me my full time/part time work, school and blogging the most stressful of them all lol... Actually she stresses me more than these things for real yo!

Today I had just ended my ever dearest abusive relationship with her, I just had enough... I am so sick and tired of it, it's like never-ending it's just a cycle (paulit-ulit, nakakasawa na at talagang nakakapagod). I am so damn proud of myself right now, cause I was the one who broke if off (it's not that am bragging about it, but usually she breaks it off often than me, maybe I was just really-really-really badly burned out that's why). Well it's been a pending break up actually! A long pending break up indeed!!! HA HA HA... I just have to do what I have to do (I just could not take it anymore). Sabi nga ni Chuva, kapag natatae ka saan ka nagpupunta? Kapag naiihi ka saan ka nagpupunta? Eh paano ba yan sukang-suka na ako??? No more effin foreplay for me...

Chuva: Ganyan naman kayo lagi ehh *kaloka!* Tignan natin kung sinong unang lalabasan!

Me: This is it! *todo na ito...*

To be continued...

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