Thursday, February 7, 2008

I could be the next Heath Ledger...

I feel so weak today. I don't know if it was from sleeping very early and having [8 or more hours of sleep] these days, well am totally the opposite... If I got a sleep for like 4 or 5 hours, am usually fine and still feel energize the next day, but when I sleep full 8 hours or so, it felt so weak - I know it's weird right?

Earlier, I feel so weak and very lightheaded think I am gonna get sick [but still managed to work the whole day thanks to Doreen *the governess*], as well as having sinus pain, pressure and headaches for the past few days. Being lightheaded is my biggest complaint. Around 10 am earlier I have this tingling sensations on my face [specially in my nose] so I went to the restroom and check it out on the mirror [Ekkkkkkkkk *screaming* what happened to my nose??? Is that you Rudolph?]. To make a long story short, my nose or kind of the other half of my face is sorta swollen. I don't have an idea why... Doreen said it might be because of my allergies, cause it had happened to her before, so after a few seconds or minutes I was having very bad headache - I hate it, I was being productive today at work and now I am being and feeling like this is going to hinder that productivity?

Doreen gave me some meds which I drank right away, I had 2 tylenol for my headache and after an hour she gave me some antihistamine which she got from her house [she went home to get that antihistamine] I drank 2 again of that antihistamine which made me feel a little bit bitter.

I kept myself busy, but after a few hours, again I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy I don't know if the tylenol and the antihistamine are okay to be combined [I was worried, I don't want to wend up like Heath Ledger! You know].

But, you know what? I have this feeling that somebody is doing this to me... And that would be my dentist! Want to know why? Half of my face is not feeling anything [slap me if you want to, ain't going to feel anything. PRAMIS!]. My face feels so numb, it's like I just had an anesthesia on my gums and you know what I am trying to say right? Maybe he's doing this because am always bailing out 24 not even 24 hours before my appointment... Well, I can't do anything about it. First things first... [as if going to the dentist is not on my first-things-first].

I am being paranoid again (LOL). Well at least, I just have fun with it, even am not really feeling okay. I could even hardly lift my fingers right now [ECHOS!]

I hope to feel bitter tomorrow, dahil rampage ako bukas [:::wheeeeeeee:::]!!!

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