Friday, February 22, 2008

How To Get Over A Break Up

I should know better! -been there, done that. Well, I wanted to share y'all my secret. Read on...

1. Moleskin/Canvas/Watercolors/Charcoal/Colored Pencils
-Whenever am lonely, I just grab my moleskin and my other gadgets and just doodle that away. I usually express myself through writing stuffs on my moleskin. I bet when you see my moleskin you'll be surprise - it's halo-halong kalamay, oh my gulay. I usually do a sketch of the person I hate/broke my heart and put a spell on that person bwahahahha, just kidding! Though it is really helpful and it is such a therapy for me.

2. Chill Out Music
-Time to get that Edison cylinder phonograph from the attic and tis the time I listen to my classic 45s bwahahah! FYI I am not that old yet, most of my friends consider me very young - young looking and young at heart (sa tagalog wala ka pa ring pinagkatandaan!) When I say chill out, it means something... Like to relax... Right? So my choices are from Thievery Corporation, Nightmares on Wax, Solu, Trentemoller, Jam and Spoon, Imogen Heap, Dzihan and Kamien, Bonnie Bailey and ohhh much more... (want to know what is more funny? one of my "not so hada" before went through my play list, she listened and suddenly out of the blue, asked me... Do you do E? - I said, yeah. As in sa tanda kong to, I didn't know that she is referring to Ecstasy Ecstano, Ang alam kong E eh Elephant Katol no!)

3. Scented Candles/Oils/Aromatherapy
-Prepare alot of this stuff! For me, this is the ultimate stress-relief aside from clorox (If y'all don't know, I usually get an orgasm with the clorox scent lol). Another FAK, The history of Aromatherapy started with the ancient Egyptians. Over 6,000 years ago, the Egyptians realized the value of essential oils that came from different plants. They used these oils during baths, with massages and sometimes to even embalm their dead. This type of therapy soon died down but in the early 1930's the use of Aromatherapy began to grow again and today is a widely used method. (kaya mag-aromatherapy kana!)

4. Foam Bath
-Another stress relief indeed! Doing a foaming bath is clinically shown to help your body calm and relax you while you bathe. (hindi nyo na itatago, 5 beses akong maligo sa isang araw. ipinaglihi ako kay Dyesebel.)

5. Blog
-My one and only friend! It's where I have publicly humiliated myself and my family, but still, I had fun doing it so... So who cares? And by the way, it's where I get my moolah! So, sign up na! At habang nag-sign-up kayo? Mag donate na din kayo!

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My Sassy Mind said...

Great tips. I copied them as my reference when I get heart broken. Hehehe. Hope it's ok with you. By the way, care for an exchange links with me? Check out my blog and see if you are interested. See you there. Just drop your comment (wink)

My Sassy Mind

MsPinkBiik said...

thats awesome... I tend to just get drunk be miserable the next day and move on after the 3rd day...=)... tapus pakukulam ko na sila after a year dahil sa sobrang galit ko... oinky!