Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Think about when you didn't remember things correctly last time! You thought the same thing the last time and you were wrong. Imagine you said something to someone that someone said that you said something and it's totally the opposite of that you have said, and it didn't happened just once. How would you feel?

What if you begin to notice that you experienced a reality slightly but significantly different from the reality other people experienced. What if this sort of oddity began happening day in and day out? The world that other people perceived, understood, and remembered was different from the world you understood. And now suppose that this condition persisted, not just for days, but for weeks, months, and even years

What do you think would begin to happen inside of you? You might get angry with everyone in the world because they think the world differently from you. You might continue to insist that you are right. But after a while your anger would probably fade. If you have a shred of rationality, you would begin to think, how likely is it that I alone think that I have said it. If someone I trust thinks the world is different from the way I think the world is, there must be something wrong with me" If you have a shred of rationality, you would begin to think that it was you. Your anger and frustration would begin to shift and include anxiety or even fear, depression, confusion, and self-doubt. If you have a shred of rationality, you would wonder if you might be going crazy.

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