Friday, February 1, 2008

It's raining corpse in Brazil

Jewish groups in Brazil have expressed disgust over a controversial float to appear in Brazil's upcoming carnival parade that depicts dead victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

There will be no dancing Hitler at the world's biggest street party. Workers began dismantling the float to rebuild it for this weekend's parade. Viradouro, one of the top Rio samba schools and a primary Carnival participant. The group built the float to be one of three in its presentation for Carnival, which starts this Sunday.

Viradouro is scheduled to parade early Monday, they chose the theme, "It Gives You Goose Bumps," featuring floats depicting the shock of birth and cold, along with the pile of Holocaust victims.

The Jewish Federation of Rio de Janeiro got a court order today prohibiting Viradouro from entering the float in the parade, but there are still a couple days available for the legal case to flip and even flop.

An estimated six million Jews perished in the Holocaust, instigated by Germany's Nazi government under Adolf Hitler, in World War II, along with hundreds of thousands of gypsies, Catholics and other groups.

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