Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just how much do you think, can you take?

Q: How much blood can you lose - and still survive?

A: Most adults have between 6.7 and 9.8 pints of blood. A human can tolerate the loss of 15 percent of this, bu then the suffer begins to feel dizzy, faint, cold or irritable and heart rate increases. Well a loss of 40 percent means there is not enough blood to fill the chambers of the heart, and the heartbeat becomes rapid and irregular. This can prove fatal.

Q: What degree of cold can humans survive?

A: Normal human body temperature is 98.6F. Hypothermia kicks in if core temperature drops even slightly. At 96.8F reaction times slow and at straight line is difficult. 89.6F most people will collapse, lapsing into unconsciousness at 86F.

Q: How much water can you drink in an hour?

A: 17.5 pints in an hour is the maximum. Above that, and the body's electrolyte levels are dangerously diluted. Drinking 17.5 pints each hour would be lethal. Do not do it.


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