Saturday, February 16, 2008

politically correct Vs politically incorrect

What was the most hurtful word has someone ever told you?

Well if you ask me, I was told by my brother that I am a racist specially to Filipinos. It hurts! Cause it's not true. For me it's like you just called me a name such as "the Chinese lady". I haven't been out with a Filipino lately, does that mean I am a racist? I have been out with a Ethiopian, Liberian, Ukrainian, Tibethian, Mongolian..., If I am a racist I would just date people inside my race isn't it? Get over it, I am not a racist...

He's just politically correct, cause you know when he's describing someone, he would not describe it it's color. Like I remember one time his telling me this story about his friend back in grade school who he had met recently and could not remember his name. So I have asked him can you describe him? So he was like... Um, black straight hair, he's very good in math and you know him, he's the one who couldn't drive. Got ya! Are you talking about Tony Leung? You could have just said the one who always has soy sauce on his shirt! Duh! LOL.

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