Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I did really try...

I know, I don't really deserve her. I can do much better than that *bleecch*.

"I QUIT" 2 days ago. I know it's hard, we been together for quiet some time, but I cannot do anything anymore, it's like it's just not working anymore, but hey no regrets. I have tried and really gave my best - I could say... More than my best.

She is not the only person in the www (whole-wide-world). I just couldn't get myself why did I let someone do what she did to me (hindi naman ako panget, hindi ko naman sinasabing maganda ako. may itchura ako oo. masama nga lang nagk-ngak-ngak). No but seriously, no one and nobody deserves to be mistreated.


Dear Joe,

Today, I got a valentines card from her through usps. Honestly, I miss her (love changes, but it doesn't have to end - o diba, hindi ako bitter!) Joe. Some things things have changed. I know that loving someone doesn't mean you have to be together, our ever dearest abusive relationship ended already - but, just because a relationship ended, didn't mean the love has ended too, I know it may really take while little by little, step by step. The little b*i*** has to really learn her lesson.

Joe I could not describe how happy I am right now, cause I can be me, no-more-no-less.

Two Weeks Ago:

She is so kind! She bought us Tiramisu, for our breakfast, I am not really into cakes, it's fattening no! She was upstairs studying. So, what I did was made her hot chocolate and gave her a piece of that Tiramisu (the reason why our ever dearest abusive relationship had put to an end). Before I took the cake upstairs... The cake looks very good and it really interests me to take a dip of my finger and have a taste of it and after that I all I know is that the cake that I was supposed to give her is already in half (I have a piece of this cake too, in the fridge but am just too YW$%E^&TYIOI lazy to get my own.) As I've said, I don't like sweets, and did not really expect that I'll like it...

To be continued...

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