Monday, February 18, 2008

Break up with a style and class

We all know that breaking up is hard to do (been there, done that). Breaking up is part or a thing in everybody's life that is unavoidable. Well, most of our romantic relationships that begin with joy and excitement, can also end with a painful break up that's really true! Believe me. I want to share with you all the DO's and DON'TS if you want to break up with somebody. As the title it is, I will teach you all to do in a very humane and civilized way lol.

Break up with style and class 101

1. Be Sensitive - By this I did not say that you have to use the famous line "It's not you, it's me" this is a great excuse for breaking up with somebody if you don't want to hurt their feelings BUT never,ever use this line.
Sensitive in a way of, well no one likes to get dumped, really. If it's not really working anymore, well just say so and just be sensitive when saying so. Get it? Be honest!

2. Do It In Person - Come on, we are not kids anymore. You don't break up over the phone, sms message or an email, DUH! Have some balls and tell it in person. It's hard I know, but you gotta do, what you have to do.

3. Do It In A Less Public Place - Always pick an appropriate place. The less public, the better. When breaking up, there's always a RIGHT place and a RIGHT time.

4. Timing - Well as I've said on number 3 there is always a right place and a right time. Right time means, you don't break up during holidays or special occasions (birthday, funeral...,). You don't want the receiving end to remember you as that occasion rolls down, right?

5. Always have class and style! Whether you are a dumpee/dumper everything's going to be okay after all.

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