Sunday, February 24, 2008

Local Time 2:44 AM

We could have gone or left like 11 PM earlier to Atlantic City, and by now we could have won millions-bazzilions and gazzilions of monies already! Well, we have been arguing all night if we are going or not, and yes we are going to Atlantic City right at this moment, 2:44 AM... We felt weird (me and Chuva) it's this weird feeling that we are going to hit the progressive jackpot today. (you guys might be wondering why are we still up by this moment right? just to clear the confusion, we are not "crack whores" lol okay. it's just that we're just bored.) And it's just ewww to be loveydovey to each other so we said to ourselves "let's just go to AC and be productive!" Awww Lovely!

So wish us luck! (we are going to bring home the bacon!) We are doing the table today! :::whee:::

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pusa said...

gudluck sa inyo ni chuva (mga sugarol!!!!!) LOL balato ha =) feel ko rin mananalo kayo ng jackpot ;)