Monday, November 19, 2007

walkman of the future?

I was a nobody until I became like everybody and spent $400.00 on the walkman of the FUTURE...

We are family? - above (From Ipod mini, video, shuffle and the latest... Itouch)

This is just a friendly reminder... This product is for external use only as stated above.

What Type of iPod User Are You?

1. How do you feel about your iPod?
a. I love it! It’s my best friend! We do everything together
b. I like it. It is useful for passing the time once in a while.
c. It’s alright. I don’t use it much.
d. I’m way over it. It’s not cool anymore.

2. How did you react when you first noticed your iPod was scratched?
a. My iPod is still in perfect condition. It has a silicon protective skin, then I wrap it in a bulletproof vest and carry it in a titanium briefcase.
b. I was pretty upset. No tears, but close.
c. I don’t think I reacted. I mean it’s only an electronic device…get over it.
d. I was so happy, I threw it on the ground and ran it over with my car to keep the party going.

3. What type of headphones do you use with your iPod?
a. Duh, the white ones that came with it. Nothing else matches.
b. I bought a different pair with better sound quality, they’re still white though.
c. Black, noise reducing headphones. They sound 100 times better!
d. I don’t use my iPod, ergo there are no headphones in it.

4. So you’re walking to class, listening to your iPod and you see an old friend. What do you do?
a. Nod my head in recognition, shake my iPod in their face and continue rocking out on my way to class.
b. I’ll take out one earbud and exchange a few friendly words.
c. I immediately turn off my iPod and take out my earbuds. It’s rude to talk to a friend while iPodding
d. You’d never catch me walking to class with an iPod.

5. When do you listen to your iPod most?
a. More like when don’t I listen to my iPod.
b. When I’m walking (to class, work, gym, etc).
c. When I’m sitting alone waiting or doing homework.
d. I’ve already told you a thousand times: I DON’T LIKE MY iPOD!

6. If you were to guess many hours a day you spend listening to your iPod you’d say…
a. 12+ hours.
b. 6 to12 hours.
c. less than 6 hours.
d. None, and proud of it.

Correct answers:
Your “iZombie” score (out of 6) is
Your “iLover” score (out of 6) is
Your “iRealist” score (out of 6) is
Your “iHater” score (out of 6) is

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