Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Digital Vs Analog

On our recent road trip to New York I brought our digital cameras - Casio Exilim a digital camera with 3x optical zoom (31-93mm) and 2.2 inch screen, Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi, the brand new Canon-designed 10.1 megapixel CMOS image sensor and 35 mm film camera (a Minolta STsi Maxxum). While both our digital camera is hardly top of the line, it does a decent job and is starting to make me wonder about even using a film camera. This is my attempt at convincing myself to go all digital all the way!

We took pictures with those cameras, though didn't prepare well for the trip and the digital camera quickly ran out of storage space (I had it on the highest quality pictures because I hate it when a digital picture is too small to use for something like a desktop image� Of course then we couldn't figure out how to set it for low quality and save room) and batteries (they're rechargeable, but I think they're also three or four years old and approaching the end of their usable life). So we took what digital pictures we could and used the film camera as a backup.

When we got home I downloaded the digital pics to the computer and immediately posted several pictures online. Instant gratification.

The roll of film, however, sat in my camera for more than a week before I remembered to take it up to the shop to get it developed. Another three days later I remembered to pick it up. My pictures were grainy and dark, not many good shots in the bunch. Left me feeling rather disappointed with the film camera experience.

That's why I said to myself... It'll be Digital all the way baby!

It really makes me lean towards digital photography. I don't think digital will make me a better photographer� But it will make me feel like a better photographer! What do you think?

The biggest advantage of digital is that I can see my pictures right away. Isn't that incredible?, and lets me know when my pictures are too blurry and when it's too dark to get a good shot (usually my failure in film photography). The instant gratification ties in nicely in that as soon as I get home I can put my pictures on the computer and do something with them. I don't have to finish the roll. I don't have to drop them off. I don't have to pay money to develop so-so pictures.

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