Thursday, November 8, 2007


Being a busy mom and always on the go requires something that is sturdy and reliable. Thank God I found Mutsy - they have good quality strollers. This stroller will accommodate a kid up to 45 pounds. The stroller that they have, it's seat can face out or face the parent. Just simply pop it up and in, pull it out, turn it around, lock it down, and now it faces you for your convenience on whichever way you prefer to use the seat.

Mutsy strollers have LOTS of great features and it comes in 5 models, the Urban Rider, the Urban Rider “Next”, the 4Rider, 4Rider Light and their 3-wheel compact fold Spider (great for traveling!). A new stroller model will also be introduced this Fall.

Check out their Urban Rider even comes with two sets of wheels, one for the streets and one for the trails and interchangeability > The quintessential stroller for today's modern parents, the Mutsy Urban Rider offers unparalleled flexibility for baby transport. Featuring strikingly clean lines for an urban-chic feel, your Urban Rider provides a full-sized, cosseting bassinet for baby and a separate, completely adjustable seat to use as baby grows. The bassinet may be removed and used as a sleeping cot. The seat, bassinet and other components such as a car seat (with adaptor) or fun seat can also be fitted onto the Urban Rider frame.

Mutsy line is interchangeable offering moms the ultimate in flexibility for baby transport!

Mutsy strollers are simply the best!