Saturday, November 10, 2007

Girlfriend Vs Pet

What would you choose?

I can't wait to have a pet again in the house... A dog or maybe even a

Cat... Whatever.

Come to think of it, sometimes it's much more better to have a pet than a lover! A pet will never leave and or hurt you. They will be there no matter what! You'll always have their loyalty. - Am not saying this because am bitter or Manat had cheated on me. No, she never cheated on me, just for the record.

I miss Simba, so much! I can't really wait for Spring, cause that's the time we'll be getting a dog. We might get a Yorkie, and you know what? The funny thing is, it had name already! (Pooches) ano ba yon, I don't like that name... If we'll have a dog, I want a dog that has ears! Big ears like a Dashund and I will name it Prince Charles! (hahaha) Innit that bloody cool mate?


Anonymous said...

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Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Pets never complain. Never nags. Never do melodramas. Never answer back. Never ask questions.

Even if you forgot to say goodbye in the morning on your way to work...they are still happy to see you back in the evening.

Hey! Why not get a Corgi? Smart dog and sweet!

diwata said...

true that Pisanu

well...well I got a special, very special friend and again she's Thai wehehehe... But this time I will run a background check bweheheh! I will have a "tiger" aka Thai girl for now and on Spring my boyfriend will get a dog ugh he wants a Yorkie erg.