Monday, November 5, 2007

Last Halloween... The Henry David Ball

The Henri David Halloween Ball is held every year on Halloween night at the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel. Don't leave Halloween to the little kids this year -- big kids need treats, too!

Henri David is the owner of the fantastic jewelry store, Halloween, at Juniper and Pine Streets, he has been throwing this party for over 35 years. Don't miss Henri's multiple costume changes every night and the costume judging that starts at midnight.

People always go put some effort into their Halloween costumes. And party like the rock star on on Halloween night! $20 in costume, $50 for voyeurs. Doors open at 9pm. Phillyist has been attending the Ball for the last eight years and can personally guarantee a good time will be had by all!

The Henri David Halloween Ball is indeed a treat to be considered. It's a feast for the eyes -- the costumes are amazing and the drag queens are gorgeous, the people are fabulous and the music will definitely keep you on the dance floor.

Henry David really has a thing for Halloween!

It is the city's most endearingly over-the-top Halloween party!!!

And it's unofficial motto is

'Don't come as you are, but as you want to be,'

and ignoring this advice will double your fee for admission.

It's been my pleasure to witness, and document, my impressions of people being who they want to be for just one night during the year. Everyone is so cordial, so laid back, and so natural, it's as if it's perfectly normal for everyone to let it all hang out everyday- literally and figuratively!!!

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Vicki said...

nice talaga ang mga custome nila ano?....

masaya at enjoy talaga lahat.....

thanks for sharing.................