Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ecommerce means, selling goods and services online. Popular ecommerce Web sites includes stores like Amazon.com and eBay. Ecommerce is not the sole province of large companies, however; many small businesses have found considerable success selling on the Internet.

To get started, you need a Web site that is equipped with certain features not found on typical business web sites: a shopping cart, credit card processing capability, product catalog, etc. Some Web hosting and design firms, including Network Solutions, offer Web site packages tailored for ecommerce use.

If you are new to Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce.Networksolutions.com is the only solution to that! Cause with it's help, it is now easy as 1-2-3 to open an online store with little to no technical or web design skills required.

It is an industry leader in Shopping Cart Software that offers you the ability to build a search engine friendly online store with a lot of ecommerce features. With Ecommerce.Networksolutions.com you can instantly establish a professionally looking online store that is both functional and profitable. - You don't need to be an IT to do this... All you need is the software so here are some of it's highlights.

Shopping Cart Highlights

* Professional storefront designs
* Powerful shopping cart checkout
* Real-time credit card processing
* Flexible inventory & shipping options
* 24/7 FREE customer support
* NO transaction fees
* Industry-leading reliability & security
* Easy Shopping Cart Interface

Interested in what your are reading so far? Well at network solutions they will help/guide you all the way through... They have what you call support, sample and testimonials, solutions and add-ons and best of all they have an ecommerce101 which will explain much further about ecommerce and it's basics. This said software is available online and you can purchase it at it's Web site.